Out: Trump In: Trompe L’oeil

January 1, 2016 at 3:57 pm / by
Goldfinch (available)
Goldfinch (avail­able)


Every year on Jan­u­ary 1, the Wash­ing­ton Post pub­lish­es The List. This year includ­ed:


Down­ton Abbey


LeBron hair


Mer­cy Street


Iman Shumpert Hair

With all due respect to the well-known polit­i­cal can­di­date and noth­ing again­st him or any­one else per­son­al­ly, per­haps this will be the year of less obses­sion with pol­i­tics and more reflec­tion on the things that have eter­nal sig­nif­i­cance and val­ue. This is my mod­est if cheeky addi­tion:




Trompe l’oeil

It is a study of a goldfinch for a new Madon­na and Child. You will see the goldfinch in Renais­sance paint­ings of the Madon­na and Child. The goldfinch eats thistles and thorns and came to be asso­ci­at­ed with the crown of thorns and thus  with the cross of Christ.

The goldfinch was also the sub­ject of a famous Dutch trompe l’oeil by Fab­ri­tius, a stu­dent of Rem­brandt and a pur­port­ed teacher of Ver­meer. The paint­ing had some renewed inter­est as it played a sig­nif­i­cant role in Don­na Tartt’s nov­el The Goldfinch.

The Goldfinch by Carel Frabritius
The Goldfinch by Carel Frabri­tius

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