New Study of Madonna and Child Completed

March 28, 2016 at 9:35 pm / by
completed study of Madonna and Child on the easel
com­pleted study of Madonna and Child on the easel

I have just com­pleted a new study of the Madonna and Child. This is prepa­ra­tion for a larger can­vas, and Lord will­ing that will be prepa­ra­tion for a ver­sion of The Ado­ra­tion of the Magi.

The new ele­ments are the goldfinch and thistle. The goldfinch is a sym­bol of the cross of Christ as goldfinches are thorn­birds. They eat thorns and thistles and thus came to be asso­ci­ated with the crown of thorns and with the cross. If you look closely and many paint­ings of this sub­ject from the Renais­sance on, you will see a goldfinch. Check out the exam­ple below.

Madonna Litta by Leonardo.

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