About Me

I'm Gordon - Painter

Gordon works primarily in the medium of oil painting. He is a copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and a member of the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia.
Born in Scotland, he studied at Gordon-Conwell Seminary and did additional work at Harvard University Graduate School. He has studied oil painting at the Art League School in Alexandria as well as the Scottsdale Artists’ School with such masters as Rob Liberace, Christine Lashley, Danni Dawson and Rose Frantzen.
His work has been exhibited at the Art League Gallery, the Gallery Without Walls and the Del Ray Artisans Gallery and is represented in various private collections in the US and internationally. In 2014, he painted Fidelis ad Mortum, a posthumous portrait of Esther John, one of the Ten Martyrs of the Modern Era. This portrait is featured on the Westminster Abbey website and the original hangs in the Lahore College of Theology. He lives with his wife Pamela in the Town of Chevy Chase, where he has a studio. All profits from the artwork is donated to PAK7.org, a Christian charity.

OIl Painting